5 Trends to Avoid for Your Bathroom Remodel

5 Trends to Avoid for Your Bathroom Remodel

If you decide remodel your bathroom you should pick a design that will make it look modern and visually impressive, but also one that won’t go out of style for a while so that your home’s value improves. Try to avoid these five trends to keep your bathroom modern when you pick out your bathroom flooring, Gilbert countertops, and other components:

1.)   Don’t use outdated Gilbert countertops

If you have outdated Gilbert countertops in your bathroom you should be sure to replace them, as it is well worth the budget to upgrade your Gilbert countertops to stone or a manmade material that matches the rest of your bathroom. You can ask a local interior design on the best option for Gilbert countertops that will match your bathroom, and the cost for new Gilbert countertops might be more affordable than you think.

2.)   Don’t keep old flooring

Along with your Gilbert countertops, your flooring is one of the most important features of your bathroom. Many bathrooms have laminate flooring, and keeping old laminate flooring is almost always a mistake when you are remodeling. Always try to update your flooring and Gilbert countertops in a remodel if they are outdated. Laminate flooring can be replaced by tile or stone if it is in your budget.

3.)   Don’t pick vivid colors

If you plan on selling your home soon you will want to pick neutral and universally appealing colors for your Gilbert countertops and flooring. Taking risks on wall paint is less of a big deal because a new owner can swap that out more easily.

4.)   Get rid of bathroom carpets

Bathroom carpets are not very common but if you have a carpeted bathroom it is always best to get rid of it and update it with new flooring. Carpets are not hygienic for a bathroom and are almost always a bad option.

5.)   Don’t complicate the design

Some of the best bathroom designs are simple, and simplicity is pleasing to the eye. Try keeping your bathroom’s countertops and walls relatively clear of everything but the basics and a few design accessories.