5 Trends to Avoid for Your Kitchen Remodel

5 Trends to Avoid for Your Kitchen Remodel

If you are thinking about redesigning your kitchen, you will want to consider the trends that are more timeless and will improve the value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future.

Trends by their very definition imply that they will change over time, and that might not be a desirable thing for your Gilbert countertops, cabinets or other parts of your kitchen that will cost a lot of money to update.

Here are 5 trends to avoid during your next kitchen remodel so that your kitchen stays current and appealing.

1.)   Avoid farmhouse sinks

The most timeless and safe choice for a sink is stainless steel. Farmhouse sinks are not a good choice for a Gilbert kitchen design, as their popularity has waned and they are not appealing to every home buyer.

2.)   Don’t keep outdated Gilbert countertops

Don’t keep your outdated Gilbert countertops if you have the budget for new ones. Although some of the older solid surface styles and laminate Gilbert countertops may be desirable for some homeowners, they are outdated and may turn off potential home buyers. If you have the budget it’s almost always better to update outdated Gilbert countertops with a new material like granite or concrete.

3.)   Don’t keep outdated cabinets

Outdated cabinets can be a major downside to an otherwise nicely designed kitchen. If you have the budget for new faces on your cabinets or entirely new cabinets you should update them. New cabinets will bring your kitchen’s components together nicely.

4.)   Don’t pick a risky color for your Gilbert countertops

You might be tempted to take a risk on the color choice for new Gilbert countertops, but avoid this temptation. You run the chance of picking a color for your Gilbert countertops that is difficult to match with other kitchen designs, and the color for your Gilbert countertops may end up being a major limitation on future redesigns.

5.)   Don’t stick with one trend

There’s no such thing as a perfect trend to model your kitchen design on, so try to incorporate a combination of several modern trends to keep your kitchen as timeless as possible. This way if one trend goes out of style it will have less of an impact on your kitchen.