DIY Kitchen Renovation Costs vs Going with an Expert

DIY Kitchen Renovation Costs vs Going with an Expert

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest costs of a Gilbert kitchen remodel is the cost of hiring a contractor. Because of this, you might be tempted to turn your Gilbert kitchen remodel into a do it yourself job. In general, the costs of materials for a Gilbert kitchen remodel will be approximately 80% of the budget while the labor will cost around 20%.

The total cost of a Gilbert kitchen remodel widely varies

Depending on the project, the costs of doing the job yourself can vary quite a bit. A Gilbert kitchen remodel can be anywhere from $5,000 on the lower end to $80,000 or more for high end kitchens. For a remodel with $20,000 in total costs, as an example, there would be a savings of approximately $4,000 if a contractor is not hired. For some homeowners that money can be well worth the time and effort needed to do the remodeling work themselves.

Some DIY Gilbert kitchen remodel jobs are easier than others

There are some do it yourself jobs that you may consider doing on your next Gilbert kitchen remodel that are a bit easier. Painting your kitchen and installing your own faucets and lighting are some of the smaller things a homeowner can try doing on their own to save money. The more difficult jobs of cabinet installation, installing new flooring, and advanced plumbing work can be left to the experts so that expensive mistakes are avoided.

The cost of a Gilbert kitchen remodel can be controlled with the material choices

Homeowners can exercise most of the cost control of their remodel by choosing their materials more wisely. For homeowners on a tight budget it’s important to spend their money where they will get the most return on investment. Usually that means installing modern countertops and updating their cabinets at minimum if possible. Cabinets are usually the largest material cost for a Gilbert kitchen remodel, so a frugal decision there will end up saving a lot.

It may be better to hire a contractor in the end

Due to the fact that the vast majority of a Gilbert kitchen remodel budget is the cost of materials, it may be worth it for many homeowners to avoid a do it yourself job and just hire experts to handle it from start to finish. Unless they are experienced at remodeling they can avoid the risk of damaging materials and appliances that are worth much more than the cost to install them.