Matching the Skills of a Kitchen Remodeling Team with a Superior Plumber – Why You Need Both

Matching the Skills of a Kitchen Remodeling Team with a Superior Plumber – Why You Need Both

Hiring a qualified plumber is not necessarily the first thing you think about when planning out your Gilbert kitchen remodel. But, having a qualified and skilled plumber on the job will help to ensure that there are no plumbing emergencies or complications with your Gilbert kitchen remodel. Your kitchen remodeling team may also need a qualified plumber on hand to install or reroute pipes for a kitchen island, fixtures, or appliances.

Ask your kitchen remodeling team for recommendations on a plumber

The first step is to pick a remodeling team that you know you can trust. Once you’ve picked out a remodeling team for your Gilbert kitchen remodel you can ask them for recommendations on plumbers they have worked with in the past with success. They will typically only recommend the best of the best because of the potential damage that an unskilled plumber can cause during a Gilbert kitchen remodel.

You will need a skilled plumber for your Gilbert kitchen remodel

One plumbing mishap during your Gilbert kitchen remodel can cost you thousands of dollars if you have to replace expensive cabinets or hardwood flooring. So, the plumber you choose will need to be very skilled and be able to work in your kitchen without causing damage to your floors or cabinets. You should also hire a professional plumber who has knowledge of residential building codes in Arizona, as they will be able to catch potential code issues during your Gilbert kitchen remodel.

Do your research on the plumber

If your kitchen remodeling team recommends a plumber you can almost always be sure that it is a good recommendation and you won’t have to do much background checking. If you decide to pick your own plumber be sure that the plumber you choose is licensed, qualified to work on your Gilbert kitchen remodel project, and insured. Ask for references and ask about the plumber’s experience on your particular type of Gilbert kitchen remodel.

Ask about liability insurance and ask for a flat rate charge

If there is a mistake made, a licensed plumber will have liability insurance to cover damages that they caused. So it is especially important to ask about liability insurance before you hire a plumber for your Gilbert kitchen remodel. Also try to get a flat rate instead of hourly for your Gilbert kitchen remodel so there won’t be any surprises when you get the bill, because the plumber will need to be on the job site a lot and coordinate with your kitchen remodeling team.