Modern Kitchen Trends in Gilbert

Modern Kitchen Trends in Gilbert

Kitchen design trends are always evolving in every region of the country. In Gilbert, Arizona, kitchens that have been redesigned with new Gilbert countertops and flooring show off some of the latest material and color trends such as light shades and contrasting colors. Other kitchen design trends in Gilbert include dark and light contrasting color schemes, bright lighting, industrial materials, integrated sinks and more.

Stainless steel Gilbert countertops are becoming more common

Stainless steel has several disadvantages including being more likely to scratch. But in an industrial themed Gilbert kitchen, stainless steel Gilbert countertops may still be used. Depending on the needs and design preferences of the homeowner, stainless steel can be a desirable material for Gilbert countertops. It has the benefit of being easy to clean and it can stand out quite nicely in an industrial themed kitchen.

Integrated sinks are a popular choice for stainless steel Gilbert countertops

Another benefit of stainless steel Gilbert countertops is that they can be custom fabricated to include an integrated sink. The sink can be customized exactly how the homeowner prefers and specifications like the depth of the sink and built in features can be picked out as well.

Stainless steel appliances are still desirable

Although many designers have recently veered away from the stainless steel appliance trend, these appliances are still popular choices in many Gilbert kitchens. A stainless steel fridge, oven or microwave can fit quite well in a modern kitchen especially if the countertops or sink are stainless steel. They can also be great choices in kitchens that don’t use stainless steel at all, as they can stand out as focal points on their own.

Lightly shaded Gilbert countertops are desirable in many kitchens

Most interior designers prefer to use stone Gilbert countertops in their kitchen design. Light shades are a trend for Gilbert countertops that use stone, as neutral light shades can fit into a wide range of kitchen designs. Typically, lightly shaded Gilbert countertops will contrast with darker finishes on cabinets or darker flooring, but white shade themes are common as well.

Lighting is an important consideration for a Gilbert kitchen

Lighting is one of the major considerations for a Gilbert kitchen, and bright lighting is a common theme in a Gilbert kitchen redesign. Bright lighting brings out the details of new countertops or other aspects of a kitchen, and it creates a mood of excitement and livelihood. Oversized light fixtures can be used to offer more lighting and can double as a unique design component.