Bathroom Flooring-What’s Trending

Bathroom Flooring-What’s Trending

Remodeling your bathroom in your Gilbert, AZ. home? Well, some important things to consider when choosing a new bathroom floor are durability, looks, and water resistance. There are some new bathroom floor trends that can offer these critical features.

1.   Ceramic tile is a great choice for bathroom flooring in your Gilbert, AZ., home. Ceramic tile comes in multiple sizes and colors and is very durable, as well as water resistant. With this type of flooring you can choose different shapes rather than your standard square shape.

2.   The latest in bathroom flooring, is porcelain tile because it is made at a much higher temperature rating than other tile, allowing it to be very durable and less porous. Because larger tile sizes are becoming more popular, porcelain tile is great because it comes in sizes as large as 18×18 inches.

3.   You can change things up in your Gilbert, AZ., bathroom by going with a stone tile. Stone tile is made from other materials like travertine, limestone, marble, granite, or slate. This type of stone gives your bathroom that elegant look and because of it’s durability it will last a lifetime, however is very expensive.

4.   Sometimes going with a basic square shape can be boring, but you can add an artistic touch to your Gilbert, AZ., bathroom, by doing a mosaic tile design. You can do this by adding different shaped and sized tiles in small sections and then choose a different tile as the border or to separate sections of the mosaic tiling.

5.   No one likes walking on a cold bathroom floor after just waking up or taking a hot shower. The latest trend to hit bathrooms is heated tile flooring. This type of flooring can be installed under tile or hardwood to create a warm surface to walk on, making getting out of a nice hot shower more comfortable.

When it comes to choosing new flooring for your bathroom, don’t settle on your standard, ordinary tile. There are many new trends of flooring that can add great looks and comfort to your bathroom.