Tips for a Beautiful Looking Hardwood Floor

Tips for a Beautiful Looking Hardwood Floor

After spending a lot of your hard earned money on hardwood floors for your home in Gilbert, AZ., taking a few extra minutes throughout the week to maintain and clean it, is nothing. By taking regular care of your floors, you can make them last for decades. Here are some helpful tips to maintaining a great looking floor.

1.   This tip might sound simple enough, however vacuuming your floor every week can help greatly. Walking around on your floor with dust, dirt, and fine grit is like taking sandpaper to it. This can cause fine and sometimes deep scratches into the wood surface. By vacuuming your floor you are avoiding, leaving any dirt behind.

2.   If you have hardwood floors installed in your Gilbert, AZ., bathrooms try and avoid getting any hairspray onto the floor. You can simply clean any hairspray with a damp cloth or non-ammonia cleaner. Hairspray if left on the floor’s surface can cause the wood to develop a cloudy like look.

3.   In Gilbert, AZ., there tends to not be a lot of rain, unless its monsoon season. However, it is important to keep any and all rain off of your hardwood floors. This is because the rain can cause damage and stains to the wood by soaking deep into the surface. If rain or any kind of water happens to get on the floor, immediately wipe it up.

4.   Protect your hardwood floors by using area rugs on high traffic paths. Constantly walking on a surface several times a day, a week, and over a long period of time, will eventually wear down the finish on the floor’s surface.

5.   Avoid deep scratches to your Gilbert, AZ., floors by placing small felt pads to the bottom of your furniture, especially chairs and other furniture that gets moved across the surface frequently.

These are just a few handy tips to help you maintain and keep your hardwood floors looking new for years to come. You have invested a great amount of money in your floors, so invest some time in making them look beautiful.