Tips For Taking Care of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Tips For Taking Care of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping your kitchen cabinets beautiful in your Gilbert, AZ., home takes more than just cleaning up spills and dusting them periodically. Here are some tips and guidelines to keep your Gilbert, AZ., cabinets looking great.

1.   Usually a soft cloth along with warm water can easily clean your cabinets. However, if more cleaning is needed for tougher grime, use a mild hand dishwashing liquid along with warm water.

2.   Once the cleaning is finished use a soft dry cloth to wipe away any excess water.

3.   Avoid using harsh detergents, strong soaps, or any cleaning products that are abrasive in order to avoid damage to your Gilbert, AZ., cabinets.

4.   Do not use steel wool or scouring pads to clean your cabinets, these too will cause damage and unwanted scratches.

5.   Ammonia or cleaners with bleach can cause discoloration to your cabinets.

6.   Prolonged spills containing food, water, grease, oil, or dyes need to be cleaned immediately because they will cause discoloration and damage the finish on your cabinets.

7.   Over usage of wax and polish if not used properly can cause your Gilbert, AZ., cabinets to look cloudy and hazy.

8.   If your cabinets have glass windows, be sure to use an ammonia-free window cleaner in order to avoid damage to your cabinets with any over spray that may occur.

9.   Do not hang overly wet dishtowels or clothes over cabinet doors; the excess water can cause discoloration and peeling.

10.   While it is important to keep the outside of your cabinets clean and looking nice, it is also important to clean the inside of your cabinets as well. About every 3 to 4 months clean the inside of your cabinets by taking everything out and wiping the shelves with a mild soap and warm water. Then, use a soft towel to dry excess water. If your shelves are removable take them out and flip them over to avoid warping. Before placing everything back into the cabinet, place a box of baking soda in the back on the shelf to keep the inside of your cabinets smelling clean and fresh.