Granite Countertops Are Not Only For You Kitchen

Granite Countertops Are Not Only For You Kitchen

Over the years granite countertops for kitchens have become very popular, but because natural stone is becoming more affordable these days, granite countertops in bathrooms are starting to become the new trend. Granite countertops are perfect to have in your bathroom. This is because granite is easy to maintain, easy to keep clean, and is very durable, as well as scratch resistant.

1.   When choosing granite countertops for your bathroom, you can choose to do one big slab or smaller sized granite tiles. If you choose to do the granite tiles, inspect all the tiles in the box to make sure that there is not too much of a variation in color, this is because granite tends to have many different speckles and tints, not all granite is exactly the same.

2.   Granite countertops in the bathroom are great because they are very durable and can withstand continuous water exposure, exposure to heat, as well as soap and cosmetic exposure, preventing staining to the countertop. However, it is recommended that you have your granite countertop sealed annually, in order to repel grease from certain hair products.

3.   Some other benefits to choosing granite countertops for your bathroom are that granite adds value to your home and also adds beauty and elegance to your bathroom.

4.   There are many different colors, styles, and edges to choose from when it comes picking out your countertops, that looking at some ideas and examples of other bathrooms might help you narrow your choices down and determine how it is you really want your bathroom and countertops to appear.

5.   You will want to care and maintain your countertops the same way you do your kitchen granite countertops, by not using any abrasive or acidic cleaners. Instead, use warm water and dish soap to keep the surface of your countertops clean. When cleaning the countertops do not use steel wool or and abrasive sponge, instead use a soft terry cloth. You can use a chemical cleaner that is a little stronger than soap if you have tough spots that you are trying to get rid of, but only chemical cleaners that are recommend specifically for granite.