Have a Small Kitchen?

Have a Small Kitchen?

Do you have a small kitchen and not enough space for everything? If you answered yes, you can renovate and create more space to it by adding several different types of pantries to your kitchen.

1.   Adding a pantry to a small kitchen can be as simple as adding more cabinets, deeper cabinet drawers, or even a pullout pantry.

2.   Pantries are great because they can maximize even the tiniest areas of space you may have in your kitchen.

3.   A pantry can help you become more organized and spend less at the grocery store. By having shallow cabinets in your pantry you can make it easier to see exactly what foods you already have and eliminate your costs by not buying doubles, because your food happens to be hidden in the back of your deep cabinets.

4.   By adding a pantry you are actually creating more room by having one section in your kitchen allocated to only food, allowing you to free up your cabinets, creating more space to store your dishes, pots, or pans.

5.   Make your pantry even easier to use and organize by adding pullout shelves or a lazy Susan, so things are easier to store and more accessible during cooking.

6.   You can easily organize all of your spices by hanging a rack on the back of the cabinet door of the pantry, creating even more space in the pantry for larger items.

7.   Deep cabinet drawers can be used as a storage pantry for all of your snacks, as well as for all of your cereal and pasta boxes. Drawer dividers can be added to the deep cabinets to make organizing your food even easier.

8.   Use all available space in your kitchen to store dry goods and extra condiments that do not have to be refrigerated, by installing a tall and thin pullout pantry beside your refrigerator.

9.  A hutch or kitchen island, if you have room for one, not only makes for a great pantry, but also adds some décor to your kitchen and more countertop space.