Mix Up Your Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Mix Up Your Kitchen Cabinet Colors

There is no rule that states all of your kitchen cabinets have to match. Here are some new styles and trends you can use to spruce up your kitchen.

1.   You can choose black cabinets for your kitchen island and pair them up with natural or warm, but not too dark, wood color cabinets for the wall. You can also choose a wood colored countertop to mix things up.

2.   Another color scheme you could choose to spruce up your kitchen is a light yellow colored cabinet accented with dark brown cabinets for a more lively country style.

3.   If you want to create a more elegant looking kitchen, try adding exposed beams to your kitchen that will match your dark wood colored kitchen island. This will help accent your light wood colored wall cabinets. If you do not have a kitchen island choose a color of ceiling beams that will highlight your wall cabinets.

4.   You can really mix things up be choosing a darker colored cabinets for the lower cabinets and a lighter color, such as gray, for the upper cabinets. This will really open up the kitchen and accent the cabinet’s shape.

5.   A popular color scheme in kitchens today is making the upper cabinets white and the lower cabinets dark gray. This will give the kitchen a traditional and spacious feel along with a simple contemporary feel.

6.   One can choose to have all his or her kitchen cabinets the same color, but choose different cabinet hardware that you could mix and match every other drawer.

7.   There are a lot of bright colored cabinets making their way into kitchens. A contemporary look with a splash of bright color is becoming the new trend. Choose a white and black marbled countertop with bight blue cabinets or a dark gray countertop with bright red cabinets.

8.   You can make your kitchen cabinets pop out more by adding a creative backsplash to your kitchen. You can choose a lighter color backsplash to highlight you brighter colored cabinets or vise versa choose a brighter colored backsplash to highlight your lighter colored cabinets.