Things You Need To Know About Kitchen Cabinets

Things You Need To Know About Kitchen Cabinets

New cabinets can make an outdated kitchen turn into a functional, organized, and better-looking space. Here are some things to know when thinking about getting new cabinets for your kitchen.

1.   Do some research and think about what it is you would really like out of your cabinets. Kitchen cabinets come in various different finishes that will range in price, such as painted cabinets, glazed, stained, or natural.

2.   Make sure the cabinets you choose are certified. This is because certified cabinets have been subjected and tested, which means that they can survive exposure to humidity, substances like vinegar, lemon juice, fruit juices, coffee, and other products without showing discoloration and other damage.

3.   Cabinets come in stock, semi-custom, or custom options. Stock is very popular because of its low price and fast delivery options. However, semi-custom cabinets do offer many different sizes, finishes, and styles, but are more expensive than stock and can take up to several weeks to build, and with custom cabinets prices are higher than semi-custom and can take longer to build, as well.

4.   The new trends in today’s kitchens are user-friendly cabinets. These cabinets offer fully extending rollout shelves, so you are able to utilize all the space in your cabinets with easy access. The cabinets even offer deeper drawers that can hold large pots and pans.

5.   If you want to give off the appearance of a bigger and brighter kitchen, choose light colors like oak or maple. Darker colors, such as cherry or mahogany give more of a dramatic look.

6.   Cabinets can come either frameless or with a frame

7.   There is a wide range of cabinet hardware available, so no matter what color or style of cabinet you choose, you will be able to find matching hardware.

8.   When purchasing new cabinets find out what material the boxes are made of. Solid wood is rare and expensive; plywood is becoming more rare and pricy as well. The most common box material you will find these days is melamine, it is a sturdy material made of resin, but stronger than paperboard and surfaced vinyl.