Updated Countertops For An Affordable Price

Updated Countertops For An Affordable Price

Have you chosen to update your kitchen? Well, if you have and you want to update your kitchen countertops, but your updated kitchen cabinets have already used up a majority of your budget, you can update your kitchen countertops for less then you think. If you want an updated look without the high costs attached, maybe a tiled kitchen countertop is best for you.

1.   Ceramic and porcelain tiles start at as little as $10 a square foot. These tiles are a great way to get an update look for less.

2.   Installing tiled kitchen countertops is an inexpensive solution to replacing any outdated kitchen counter. Tiled countertops add an attractive look to your kitchen.

3.   There are many different tile designs and colors to choose from, that there is sure to be a tile that will match your existing kitchen, existing kitchen cabinets, or even your updated cabinets.

4.   If you do like the granite countertops, but not the price, you can choose to go with granite tiles. This option is much cheaper than the slab of granite.

5.   You can choose tiles that are ceramic and porcelain, but mimic other materials, such as metal, leather, and stone, giving that added touch of style and updated look.

6.   When you choose to do a tiled kitchen countertop, you can get very creative, by choosing several different tiles and creating a pattern, mosaic, or any interesting color or shaped design that you think will make your kitchen, one-of-a-kind and give it that style you are looking for.

7.   Although tiled kitchen countertops might be cheaper than other countertop options, tiled countertops are still very durable.

8.   To protect your newly installed tile countertops, you will want to add a tile and grout sealer. This will not only protect your grout and tiles, but give it a nice shine as well.

9.   If you want to save even more money, you can actually install your new tiles on top of your existing laminate countertop, saving you the costs and hassle of tearing up your old countertops.