5 Ways to Upgrade Those Laminate Countertops

5 Ways to Upgrade Those Laminate Countertops

Laminate is the most common type of countertop found in Gilbert kitchens because it is inexpensive and is long lasting, however is it the most out dated. When it comes to a kitchen remodel, replacing all of your countertops can be very expensive, but there are some DIY makeovers you can do in order to update your laminate countertops.


1. Thin Concrete

During your Gilbert kitchen remodel you can easily turn your laminate countertops into concrete counters. Concrete is actually becoming the latest trend when it comes to countertops because of its modern look. The concrete countertop will add a glossier look as well as be more durable.


2. Painting Your Old Countertops

You can easily turn your old and ugly looking laminate countertops into a countertop that mimics the look of granite. To do this you can simply use acrylic paint and a faux painting sponge. With this technique your color options are endless, which will allow you to choose a color that works with the colors you chose for your kitchen remodel.blog_5 tips upgrade laminate countertops


3. Glossy Paint

You can again choose to paint your laminate countertop with a glossy paint, which will give you the look of natural stone instead of granite. You will want to use a glossy paint, natural in color that resembles natural stone and a clear coat, as well as a clear glitter to give the countertop the same sparkle as natural stone.


4. Tile

If your laminate countertop is not in the best condition and painting them does not appeal to you, you can choose to tile over them. Tiling your old countertop is inexpensive and the styles, colors, and sizes of tiles available are endless. The process of tiling over your old countertop is fairly easy and can add a new fresh look to your kitchen remodel.


5. Countertop Transformation Kits

Update your laminate countertops with a countertop transformation kit, which you can purchase at any home improvement store. The countertop transformation kit includes everything you need to give you laminate countertops a fresh and clean look. The kit includes paint, which can be tinted to any color you choose, countertop cleaner, protective topcoat, decorative color chips, and a how-to DVD.