DIY Bathroom Remodeling – Tips of the Trade

DIY Bathroom Remodeling – Tips of the Trade




If your bathroom is covered in out dated colors, shows it’s true age, and has added more stress to your life, then a Gilbert bathroom remodel is probably much needed. However, a bathroom remodel will take much planning before you can just start tearing down walls. Here are some helpful tips to get you headed in the right direction for your Gilbert bathroom remodel.


Planning the Remodel

Think about how you use your bathroom the most, who uses the bathroom the most, and how many people use it. You want to be able to create a bathroom that is functional for all people, but one that gives a sense of relaxation to overnight houseguests as well. Browse through several home design and decorating magazines and websites online to start building ideas. Make a little collection of the things you like and want to incorporate into your Gilbert bathroom remodel.


Putting a Budget Together

The biggest part to a Gilbert bathroom remodel, aside to choosing the design, is the budget. Make a budget and list how much you are willing to spend on a new tub, shower, tile, etc. Take some time to do a little window shopping at several home improvement stores and online to get prices on everything, this way you are sure to avoid going over your allotted budget. If you are paying for the bathroom remodel in cash then you know exactly how much it is you have available to spend, if you are using a loan you will want to be more specific in your budget planning to be sure you ask for the right amount needed.


Save a Little Money

If you are looking to do save a little money on your Gilbert bathroom remodel, a good way to save some money, time and alleviate stress, is to work with the existing locations of the plumbing, which will help you save on labor costs. Another way to save money is to do a lot of the demolition and cleanup work yourself, no need to hire a contractor for this process.