Trending Bathroom Remodels

Trending Bathroom Remodels

Looking for a bigger bathroom, more functional bathroom, or a more stylish bathroom? If so, then it may be time for a bathroom remodel. Here is a list of some of the latest trends when it comes to bathroom remodels.



1.   New Fixtures with a matte finish, brushed-satin, or pearl finish are a popular choice because they can match a number of materials found in the bathroom, such as marble or stainless steel.

2.   The latest trend when it comes to a bathroom remodel is a wall-mounted faucet with a raised sink bowl.

3.   Ceramic tile with a textured design is a popular choice when it comes to a bathroom remodel. The ceramic tile is easy to clean and is very durable and the textured design helps prevent falling.

4.   If you are looking for flooring that will last a lifetime, than stone tile is for you. This material is made from a combination of travertine, limestone, marble, and granite.

5.   Although expensive, a heated flooring system can add a lot of comfort, especially during the winter. The heated flooring can be installed under any tile or hardwood floor.

6.   When it comes to a bathroom remodel, making the master shower larger is more common. So, in order to cover that extra square footage, spa showers are becoming more and more popular. These include large body sprays and rain like showerheads.

7.   Add more light to your Mesa bathroom, by adding windows or a skylight. This will make you bathroom appear bigger than it is.

8.   Installing a steam room for relaxation when you get home in order to distress is becoming very popular with homeowners who have remodeled their bathrooms.

9.   A separate little room for the toilet is common in most Mesa homes and still remains popular with homeowners to this day. People like a sense of privacy when it comes to the toilet.

10.   Additional storage is a must in a bathroom remodel. Tall towers that start at the counter and go up or vanities with lots of little drawers are great because they offer so much room.

11.   His and her sinks are a must when it comes to a bathroom remodel. When it comes to having to get ready in the morning for work or school, no one likes sharing or being bothered, it is nice to have your own space and to be able to get ready without having someone hovering over you.