Flooring to Color – Match a White Kitchen

Flooring to Color – Match a White Kitchen

When it comes to choosing a color of flooring to match your Mesa white kitchen, you want to choose a color that not only matches now, but that will go along with pretty much any kitchen color, so choosing a neutral floor color is the best option.


1.   You want to avoid specific colored flooring, whether it is hardwood or tile, etc.

2.   White ceramic tile is a good choice because of its durability and being able to match your white kitchen and any other color that you choose to use later on down the road.

3.   Pine colored flooring will give your white kitchen a good balance with all the white, as well as a relaxed feel.

4.   Flooring that is neutral and gives your kitchen a natural glow, is bamboo flooring.

5.   Walnut colored flooring allows you to decorate your white kitchen in a traditional or contemporary style.

6.   Travertine floors will give your white kitchen just enough of that rustic look with its natural warm tones.

7.   Cherry colored wood flooring brings out the brightness of the white in your Mesa kitchen, but also contrasts with other colors because of the brown and black streaks that flow throughout the floor.

8.   Neutral stained concrete is a great way to go as well. This option provides durability as well as adds a touch of modern style to your kitchen and a clean look sleek look.

9.   Bleached white oak floors are a great choice because they add a little bit of a rustic touch and a carefree look to your Mesa kitchen.

10. Neutral colored cork offers a durable and quiet setting and goes great with any color décor.

11. Limestone flooring with touches of earthy tones complement any kitchen.

12. Although there are tiles of white, avoid black and white checkered flooring.

13. If you choose to use stone for your flooring, avoid choosing stone that has a lot of blues and greens and instead choose stone with hints of brown and soft cream colors.

14. The best choice of flooring if you want to go contemporary in your Mesa kitchen is a dark pecan color.

15. Avoid choosing terra-cotta tile flooring, the tile tends to appear to red in color and will limit your color options if you choose to do your kitchen in another color later on.