Kitchen Flooring Options

Kitchen Flooring Options

Choosing a floor you’ll love is important because it creates that welcoming and inviting look, as well as a functional feel for your home in Gilbert. Key factors in choosing a Gilbert kitchen floor are making sure it is comfortable, durable, stylish, and low in cost. With so many options available for kitchen flooring, it is easy to get overwhelmed, so here are some examples of the latest flooring trends that offer all the above.


1.   Hardwood- this flooring is tough and stylish, fitting any décor theme already in your Gilbert kitchen. Dark colors and gray tones are the most trending choices in hardwood. Choosing to use different sized planks for your hardwood floor instead of using the same size is becoming popular. The different sized planks add a more unique and stylish décor to your Gilbert kitchen.

2.   Laminate- with this flooring, you are getting that hardwood, tile, or stone look and feel, without spending a fortune.

3.   Tile- tile can range from a more modern look to a rustic look that will help accent any style in your Gilbert home. The standard size of tile is 12 x 12 inches, but larger sized tile, such as more rectangular shaped tile or tile sized at 12 x 24 or bigger, is becoming very popular with homeowners these days.

4.   Concrete, bamboo, and cork, are also becoming popular in Gilbert kitchens these days because of their sleek, comfortable, durable surfaces. In addition, these floors offer many different colors and textures.

5.   The most popular and latest trend for Gilbert kitchen flooring today, is vinyl. Yes, vinyl is actually becoming more stylish and luxurious than ever before. Thanks to technology and photography, vinyl is able to mimic real wood and any other material you can think of. You might have to do a double take in order to tell that it’s vinyl, that’s how much vinyl has improved, but you get that same great feel and look as the real material, without paying the same price. Choosing vinyl can leave you with more money in your pocket.

6.   Before choosing just any flooring for your Gilbert kitchen, do some research on new floor trends and their pricing. With all the newest and latest trends, you are sure to find something that will add just that certain touch you are looking for.