Lighting in the Kitchen, Create Drama with Lights

Lighting in the Kitchen, Create Drama with Lights



A lot of people try to light their entire kitchen with one kitchen lighting fixture that is placed in the center of the ceiling. This tends to leave some areas of your Gilbert kitchen in the dark. Try some of these kitchen lighting ideas to add the proper amount of light to your Gilbert kitchen, as well as a dramatic décor.


1.   There are three types of kitchen lighting, general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

2.   General lighting is used to light the entire kitchen area. The most common types of general lighting are cloud lights, which are fluorescent fixtures that are surface-mounted, and also recessed lighting.

3.   Task lighting can be hung over your Gilbert kitchen island to light up your cooking space better. However, if the task lighting is not hung properly large shadows can be casted onto your workspace.

4.   People are using their open kitchen areas as an entertaining area, so a lot of people are using accent lighting to illuminate artwork and décor that they have hung on their kitchen walls.

5.   Under-cabinet lighting can add a dramatic look to your kitchen because they offer lots of light, while being hidden under your Gilbert cabinets. This kitchen lighting can be connected to a switch in the kitchen or string lights with a plug can be used.

6.   Ambient lighting is a type of kitchen lighting that softens lines and shadows, as well as creates a warm and welcoming glow. This type of lighting is often over looked.

7.   Decorative lighting is becoming popular in Gilbert kitchens. Decorative lighting can be used in cabinets with glass doors and shelves to create am elegant décor. Large chandeliers and other hanging light fixtures are used to add style and elegance to a kitchen; rather than being used as the main source of light in the kitchen.

8.   It is important to know that choosing the right kitchen lighting makes all the difference in lighting and opening up a small kitchen space.

9.   Although having the proper amount of kitchen lighting is important, it is also important to not choose light bulbs and fixtures that are too bright. Lights that are too bright can create unwanted glares on kitchen surfaces and appliances.

10.   Adding motion sensor lights to your kitchen pantry is starting to become a trend because it offers convenience.