Refresh Your Bathroom with a New Coat of Paint

Refresh Your Bathroom with a New Coat of Paint

Turn your old Mesa bathroom into something new and refreshing by adding a new fresh coat of paint. When it comes to a bathroom remodel there is a lot more to it than new flooring, new fixtures, and new plumbing. A lot of people forget that it is important to choose the right color for your Mesa bathroom, the right textures and fabrics, as wells as the right décor.


Adding Some Paint

If you find yourself wanting to do a bathroom remodel, but don’t have the extra money to do so, you can add a fresh new look to your old bathroom by adding new paint. Painting your bathroom compared to a bathroom remodel is definitely less expensive and definitely takes less time. You can choose to add a little color by painting the entire bathroom or add just a little touch of color by painting either the ceiling or just the trim, you can chose to add as much color as you wish. The color options are endless when it comes to painting, choosing the right color all depends on how you want to express your style and how light or dark you want your bathroom to appear.



Once you have added a fresh coat of new paint to your bathroom, it is time to add some fabric and more style. Choose a shower curtain that not only matches the color of your newly painted bathroom, but a fabric that blends in well, such as a fabric that is smooth or made of silk.


Bathroom Décor

If you want to add more style and other colors to make your newly painted bathroom look even more stylish, you can add some bathroom décor. If you have extra counter space you can add some vases and choose a color that accents the painted walls. The top of the toilet is a good area to add more vases maybe even filled with flowers. A single, but colorful piece of artwork on the wall, is a simple bathroom décor that can add a bold touch.