White is not Always White- Shades of White, What’s Trending

White is not Always White- Shades of White, What’s Trending




If you are planning on painting and decide on a white kitchen, be sure that you choose the right white. Most people think that white is white, however that is not the case, white can be as vivid or soft as any other color, so choose wisely. White paint has many different undertones and tints, which can make choosing the right white complicated. Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the right white along with what is trending when it comes to a white kitchen.


Ivory White

If you happen to have white cabinets in your Mesa kitchen and want to paint your kitchen white, do not choose a white that matches the cabinets exactly. Instead, choose an ivory white, which has a little undertone, this will help eliminate you kitchen from appearing too cold.


Antique White

Kitchen cabinets are important parts of any kitchen, so it is important that you choose a style and color that go along with the décor of your Mesa kitchen. If the color of your kitchen walls are already painted in your favorite color, but you want to give your kitchen an upgraded look, try adding a unique antique look. Paint your kitchen cabinets a creamy or antique white to give your kitchen a more relaxed feel. These two colors are neutral in color and go along with pretty much any color décor in any kitchen.


White Kitchen Island

When deciding on how you want to carry out your white kitchen design, think about accessories and kitchen furniture too. A white kitchen island can add a sleek and fresh look to a modern kitchen. A white kitchen island countertop paired with a different colored base for the island can add a bold look and accent your kitchen with just the right amount of white. However, choosing a white kitchen island countertop along with a white island base, can add a nice, low contrast, calm, and quiet feeling to your kitchen.


White is Bigger

Your kitchen right now might be small and perhaps dark, but you can make your kitchen appear larger than it is. By simply painting the kitchen walls white, you can create a space that feels more open and brighten up area. When deciding to paint your kitchen and get that bigger feel, choose a soft white with a little tint. For example, whites such as linen or oxford white are a good choice.