White is the new Black- White Kitchen Trends

White is the new Black- White Kitchen Trends



It used to be that everyone wanted black appliances, black countertops, basically a black kitchen. Well, black is no longer the leading contender when it comes to kitchen remodels; white is becoming the most wanted and trending color when remodeling a kitchen. Here are some creative ideas when it comes to creating a white kitchen in your Mesa home.


1.   Add white countertops to your Mesa home. This option can be a little pricey, but a white countertop can make your counter space appear larger than it is and create a brighter cooking and baking surface.

2.   Creating a white kitchen in your Mesa home can be as simple as painting your old cabinets white. By choosing to paint your cabinets white you are not only saving money, by not buying completely new cabinets, but you are creating a larger appearing space and a room that gives off a relaxing, calming, and welcoming feeling.

3.   If you are happy with the color of your Mesa kitchen walls, appliances, and countertops, create a white kitchen by adding white subway tiles as a backsplash.

4.   An item that has never gone out of style and is becoming more popular then ever is an apron-front, white, cast-iron sink. This sink is bright white and is large in size, making it the perfect sink for washing dishes and filling large pots with no hassle.

5.   A white kitchen island is a great piece for your Mesa kitchen that offers a crisp, clean surface, while being a great addition for guests to gather around while you are busy cooking.

6.   Bright white ceramic tile flooring is a great way to create a white kitchen and add elegance to your existing kitchen.

7.   To create an open concept and a clean and simple kitchen, remodel your Mesa kitchen by doing white on white. This means white flooring, white appliances, white backsplash, white walls, white cabinets, and white countertops. Make everything in your kitchen white and add pops of color with kitchen décor, such as vases, light fixtures, and dishes.

8.   If you are torn between doing an all white kitchen, but the kitchen not having enough character, believe it or not you can have the best of both worlds. Create a farm-looking kitchen by using an antique white to paint the walls. Give your white cabinets and kitchen island an antique look by sanding away some of the paint around the edges. This will definitely add some character to your kitchen if you are worried that it might be too plain.