You Want Your Sink in What Color?

You Want Your Sink in What Color?

When it comes to paying top dollar for your kitchen or bathroom sink, the amount you pay really has no correlation to the performance of the sink. The same also goes for the manufacturer; it is the material that is the most important. A lot of people tend to fall in love with the style and color of the sink and then think about how it will function in their kitchen or bathroom. It is suggested that you choose a sink on its function first and then the style and color. However, choosing the color and style is the fun part and her is why.


1.   Stainless steel is a timeless classic and adds a modern and contemporary look to any kitchen.

2.   The smaller the gauge the thicker the steel, which means durability.

3.   Colored sinks come in enamel or cast-iron and are less expensive than stainless steel.

4.   The color options for enamel and cast-iron sinks are endless and easy to keep clean.

5.   Stainless steel and colored sinks come in many types of styles, for example double bowl, farmhouse, top mount, under mount and trough.

6.   The most popular colors for sinks right now are black, white, and gray.

7.   When it comes to white kitchens bright colored sinks add a burst of style. For example, yellow, blue, green, and red sinks are the top choices.

8.   If you are going to choose your sink based on its color, be sure to choose a color that matches the current color in your kitchen and does not clash.

9.   The main colors you will want to match your sink to are the colors of the cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and flooring. The same goes for your bathroom as well.

10.   Along with choosing a colored sink, you will want to choose the right colored faucet. Faucets come in black, stainless steel polished or matte finish, or bronze. Choosing the right colored faucet to go with your colored sink will make all the difference in how you want your new sink to look.

11.   Try and choose a color of faucet that matches the rest of the appliances, such as stainless steel or black.

12.   Too many colors in the kitchen will make the kitchen clash and be too overwhelming.