5 Common Mistakes Made in DIY Kitchen Remodels

5 Common Mistakes Made in DIY Kitchen Remodels

These days, everyone thinks they’re experts at everything. Need new flooring? Why not do it yourself? Looking to remodel the kitchen? Let’s watch the DIY Network and take it on one weekend. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as some of these remodel shows make it out to be. I’d say that a good 30% of the kitchen work we do here at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinets in Gilbert, AZ are DIY remodels gone wrong, or unlicensed contractors destroying your kitchen plans.


Renovation Realities

If you’ve ever watched Renovation Realities, you might have a better idea of just how wrong a kitchen remodel can go – how many mistakes can be made, how many permits can be missed, and how much pain and frustration it can inflict upon your family and your relationships, not to mention your body. If you were to walk in to our kitchen showroom on Val Vista and Ray here in Gilbert, AZ and ask me for DIY remodel advice, I might let out a small laugh and tell you a story or two about some recent DIY remodels that we had the pleasure of fixing.blog_gilbert diy kitchen remodel mistakes


While DIY kitchen remodels can be done, and done well, you’ll need to start with the mindset that not everything will go your way, there will be bumps in the road, and inevitably you’ll need to call an electrician, plumber, and/or kitchen remodel expert at some point.


Common DIY Remodel Bumps in the Road


You will no doubt run into some quite common problems once you embark upon your DIY Gilbert kitchen remodel. From pipes bursting to moving electrical wires and holes in the walls, let’s walk you through some of the most common DIY kitchen remodel mistakes and problems:


1. Inaccurate Measurements:

A licensed contractor with a wealth of experience in kitchen remodels, like Kyle Zimmerman at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, has what seems like a built-in compass, leveler and measuring tape. And yet, even with years of experience building custom Gilbert kitchens, even the best will still use these tools to get absolutely precise measurements. Even a centimeter off will cause problems in your DIY kitchen remodel. Be 110%, unequivocally and positively accurate with all measurements. If you’re off by the slightest amount, but you make it fit, it will bite you in the end.


2. Duct Tape is NOT a Solution:

Duct tape is an amazing product, but it’s not a permanent solution to all of your DIY kitchen remodel problems. Sure, use it to hold something in place for a moment, but it will not fix your renovation problems.


3. Wires and Plumbing:

Ok, this is a big one (which you know if you’ve ever watched Reality Renovations). If you’re looking to move appliances, switches, plugs or even entire walls in your Gilbert kitchen, you need to know the schematics of your home. Where are all the plumbing pipes? Where are the electric wires? Are you familiar working with electrical wires and plumbing pipes? If the answer is “I’ll figure it out,” stop right now and call an expert.


4. Water Shut Off Valve:

If you’re embarking on a full scale kitchen remodel, I can’t stress enough how important it is to know exactly where your home water shut off valve is located. The last thing you want to deal with is a burst pipe spilling water all over your kitchen as you run around the house in search of the shut off valve. Know where it is before you start, just in case.


5. Power Shut Off:

You’ll also need to know where the circuit board for your home is and how to shut off the power. Once again, the last thing that you want to deal with in your Gilbert DIY kitchen makeover is a trip to the hospital for electric shock.


While there are a myriad of things that can go wrong with your Gilbert DIY kitchen remodel, if you have the right mindset, the right tools, the right budget and the right amount of time you can get it done. But, and I stress but, it’s probably a better idea to call in the experts.

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