Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Remodels and Vanities

Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Remodels and Vanities

Bathroom vanities – not usually the first thing you think of when budgeting for your Gilbert bathroom remodel. You’re thinking tile, sink, fixtures, open or seamless shower, color schemes, among other things. The bathroom vanity is usually repainted, refinished, or equipped with new hardware. But times have changed, and here at Capital Mark in Gilbert, AZ, we’re finding that the bathroom vanity can be beautiful, trendy, and even more functional then ever before.


Vanity Furniture

A bathroom vanity that resembles furniture is a big trend here in Gilbert, AZ. People have discovered how functional, yet beautiful, their bathroom vanities can be. Furniture vanities can create the allure of exceptionalism in the bathroom. With legs and open shelves where bottles, towels and other attractive items can be showcased, the bathroom vanity has turned from dull and uninteresting to attractive and purposeful. Well-designed, repurposed hutches and vintage dressers can be recycled and reused to add a unique twist in the bathroom.blog_bathroom vanities


Double Vanities

Of course, the double sink bathroom has always been a big trend in Gilbert. But the double vanity puts a distinctive twist on the traditional double sink in the master bath. A double vanity provides partners and pairs with privacy, space, and personal functionality.


Bathroom Vanity Storage

These days, with kids, work, stuff and more stuff, the bathroom should be a place of relaxation and escape. It should be elegant, modest and completely functional. Storage is a big issue for many Gilbert homes, and a new trend that is popping up is adding secret storage cabinets and drawers. At Capital Mark, storage and functionality is a key design element when putting your bathroom remodel together. Pull-out organizers, drawer dividers and built-in laundry areas can increase functionality and efficiency while avoiding clutter and stuff all over the countertops.


Open Shelving

Open shelving provides a clean, sophisticated look and feel to your Gilbert bathroom remodel. The open shelves can be tucked into a variety of spaces, thus adding more storage in a beautifully simple manner.


Freestanding Vanities

A huge bathroom vanity trend here in Gilbert, AZ is the freestanding vanity, a refined yet crafty addition to the bathroom. In half baths or smaller master baths, the freestanding vanity can create more space while keeping the look and feel classy, or vintage, or whatever you’d like. With secret storage and open shelving, a smaller master bathroom can be transformed into a highly efficient yet relaxing environment with freestanding vanities.


Remodeling your Gilbert bathroom is quite a task. Make sure you have the very best team on your side with experienced craftsmen and contractors who can take you from idea to actuality!