Gilbert Kitchen Color Trends

Gilbert Kitchen Color Trends

Kitchen color schemes are an evolving trend, from pea green and mustard yellow in the 60’s, to bold and colorful in the 90’s. Today, in 2014, kitchen color trends take inspiration from the past combined with function and balance of the present. From bold and ostentatious to subtle and elegant, kitchen color trends run the gamete. The one key element that all kitchen color schemes have – uniqueness.


By the Beach

Even here in Gilbert, Arizona, where the temperature currently runs at about 112 degrees, you can create the elusion of a beach home with a cool and relaxing kitchen setting. By combining crisp white with a soft teal, your Gilbert kitchen can transport anyone who enters to a place of serenity and refreshing escape.


Back to the Future

blog_kitchen color schemesWhether you reminisce about the days of mustard yellow and pea green or not, today’s Gilbert kitchens pay respects to the interesting color schemes of the past. Yellow and grey are quite a popular kitchen color scheme, believe it or not. Combined with stainless steel appliances, and balanced with beautiful wood flooring, yellow and grey can be made to work nicely in a variety of homes.


Pumpkin Paradise

Yes, you read that right. Another popular color scheme for kitchen makeovers in 2014 is orange and brown. With the proper combination of textures, appliances, flooring and countertops, brown and orange can be made into an ultra-contemporary kitchen color scheme.


Just Breathe

One of my personal favorite kitchen color schemes is the combination of blue, green and white in subtle forms. By sprinkling these color schemes throughout the kitchen, from above countertop cabinets to below countertop cabinets, these three colors give the very inviting feeling of rest and escape. No stress, no loud choices, just the high-functioning, welcoming and relaxing Gilbert kitchen.


Yellow and White

Just as yellow and grey is quite popular, yellow and white provides a more relaxed version, airy and inviting. Gently splashed along the surrounding walls, the right yellow can be very welcoming. Combined with purely white cabinets and dark countertops, a yellow and white Gilbert kitchen can take on a whole new perspective.


It’s Not Purple

It’s blueberry, white and blue. With a sporadic tile backsplash to incorporate different hues of subtle blue, a purple kitchen can actually be made to look quite contemporary.


A Walk in the Woods

Natural woods with white walls and countertops is quickly becoming a hot trend here in Gilbert, AZ. And the opposite is true as well – white cabinets with natural wood countertops and flooring is also quite popular.


No matter which kitchen color scheme you choose to invest in this year, the team at Capital Mark will make it exceptional.