Trending Ideas: Luxury Shower Remodels in Gilbert

Trending Ideas: Luxury Shower Remodels in Gilbert

In Gilbert, as around the country right now, luxury bathroom, specifically shower, remodels are quite popular. Just as oversized soaking tubs were all the range in the 80’s, vertical spa systems that include rain showerheads and multiple body jets are the Gilbert shower remodel trend. Here at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, we’ve been busy designing and installing some of the most luxurious, relaxing and at the same time water efficient showers you’d find around the valley.


Walk In Showers

Doors are overrated – at least that seems to be the consensus with Gilbert homeowners. Frameless showers are extremely popular, as are walk-in and completely door less showers. Door less showers and frameless showers are perfect for large and small bathroom spaces. They create the illusion of space for smaller bathrooms, and add to the luxurious theme for larger bathrooms.blog_luxury showers


Settings and Controls

Today, in our technologically advanced world, customization is key in the shower, especially for Gilbert residents. In the summer you want the shower to be refreshing, and in the winter you need hot. Thermostatic, programmable shower technology allows you to personalize your shower experience. You can even customize the water pressure, automatically adjusting for other appliances in your Gilbert home that might be running at the same time, such as dishwasher or sprinklers.


Some of the best features of programmable, smart showers are the remote control options, which allow you to get your water warming up before you even set foot in the bathroom, and LED lights that will alert you to the water’s perfect, personalized temperature.



Here in Gilbert, where rain is scarce, sometimes it’s nice to let yourself relax under a gentle rain in the shower. Showerheads are now equipped to fit seamlessly into your shower walls, taking up no extra space – a great benefit for luxury showers and smaller bathrooms looking to capitalize on every available square inch of shower space.


The newest rain showerheads come equipped with rain settings to create large, rain-like water droplets or smaller, more relaxing rain-like drops.


Lights and Music

Technology in the shower has come a long way, and chromatherapy, or light therapy, can be installed by the experts at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinets. Chromatherapy is much like mood lighting for your shower to relax and rejuvenate.


And with the light therapy you can also customize your listening experience with built-in, waterproof speakers hidden within the walls of your Gilbert shower.


Remember, even as we build custom-designed, luxury showers for Gilbert residents, we do still live in the middle of a desert, which means we all need to do our part to conserve water. This also goes for water use in the shower, which is handled by installing highly efficient, water-saving showerheads.


Interested in upgrading your Gilbert shower? Give the experts at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet a call, or stop by our showroom on Val Vista and Ray.