Before You Buy Your Next Showerhead, Read This

Before You Buy Your Next Showerhead, Read This

Showerheads have come a long way from simple, single-flow, no-option water sprayers. If you were too tall for your shower, well that was just too bad. If you were too short, grab a chair to adjust the showerhead. Thank goodness those days are over and residents here in Gilbert, AZ who are looking to remodel their showers can embrace a remarkable array of showerheads and body sprayers.


At Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, we’ve seen a big upswing in bathroom remodels, particularly shower remodels, to include multiple showerheads and body sprayers, giving your shower that spa-like look and feel, and creating a true space of R&R.blog_showerheads


Selecting the Perfect Showerheads For You

The first thing you’ll want to do is familiarize yourself with the types of showerheads and body sprays available on the market today. While we focus more on the design and construction of the new shower and leave much of the plumbing to the Gilbert plumbing experts, we do know a thing or two about designing a shower with the right showerheads for you.


Standard Wall-Mount Showerhead: While this is the most economical choice, the throwback standard showerhead is not the most water-efficient, nor energy efficient, model available. If you are considering a full Gilbert shower remodel, we suggest avoiding the standard wall-mount and go bigger.


Top-Mount Showerhead: If you want to take it up just a small notch, consider the top-mounted showerhead. With these you can have a showerhead flush with the ceiling or mounted from above. And while these are still fairly economical, they do bring a small amount of elegance to your newly renovated Gilbert shower.


Handheld Showerhead: Now we’re starting to discover some of the more advanced showerheads. The handheld showerhead usually comes with a 3 to 6 foot long gooseneck, allowing you to remove the showerhead when needed.


Sliding Bar Showerhead: This is a great option for those who have many different heights of individuals in their family. The sliding bar showerhead is mounted on the wall and easily move up or down the wall.


Body Sprayers: These are where the fun really begins. When you start considering body sprayers in addition to other showerheads, the true beauty of your shower remodel will begin to shine through. Body sprayers take a shower and turn it into a retreat. Create crisscross water streams that massage your body from head to toe.


Body Spa Shower Panels: Looking to add more to your full body massage in the shower? Consider body spa shower panels, which are installed in the walls of your shower and are equipped with water jets capable of being arranged and aimed in any direction and at any height. Think of a whirlpool tub, but standing.


 There are just so many options when considering what type of showerhead you’ll want in your new Gilbert shower. By talking to the experts at Capital Mark, or stopping by our showroom on Val Vista and Ray in Gilbert, Arizona, you’ll eventually come to a decision on just how elegant and relaxing you want your new shower to be.