Flooring Trends to Consider for a 2015 Planned Remodel

Are you currently in your home, staring at your flooring thinking “I can’t wait to rip all of this out!” You’re not alone. Homeowners all over Gilbert at thinking the same thing, staring at their current flooring situation (probably oversized tile) thinking, “It’s time for a change.” Well you’ve come to the right place. Here at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, located on Val Vista and Ray in Gilbert, Arizona, we not only have cabinets and countertops, we have flooring of all shapes, sizes, and materials.


Flooring Trends to Come

Bamboo – Bamboo has been around forever, literally, forever, but it’s one of those materials, like granite for countertops, that continues to evolve and in colors and styles. Bamboo has become extremely durable with highly engineered inner fibers. Bamboo flooring is a great look if you want something with the appeal of wood flooring but the trendiness of a more modern look and feel.blog_flooring trends in gilbert, az


Reclaimed Wood Flooring – One of my all time favorites for flooring is reclaimed wood. Nothing is engineered, nothing is fake, nothing is not what it seems. When you install reclaimed wood flooring, you get what you get, and the imperfections and flaws only increase the beautiful appeal of this timeless flooring option.


Cork Flooring – Cork flooring has come a long way since it’s birth, when you could only find it in a few shades of blonde. Today, and certainly throughout 2015, cork options are and will be limitless. The colors literally span the entire pallet of color options. Along with it’s potential for color, cork is easy to walk on, comfortable and soft, and much more durable then it once was.


Vinyl – Another option that has come a long way in the fast few years is vinyl. Remember when vinyl flooring only came in rolls of horrible, wallpaper-like patterns and colors. Well times have greatly changed, and vinyl is being manufactured to look and feel like the real thing. Looking into wood flooring but can’t afford the hefty price tag? Go vinyl. Vinyl is more durable then wood, and so can be placed in bathrooms and kitchens. It is also the quickest and easiest to replace should a piece become damaged.


American Hardwood – You can’t go wrong with good, old-fashioned American hardwood. Oak, hickory, maple and heart pine are grown and farmed right here in the USA, a fact that appeals to many Gilbert residents.


Concrete – A trend that has become popular in recent years is the anti-flooring trend. Simply going with concrete can eliminate many of the problems, and costs, that come with a flooring remodel.


Interested in taking a look at some of these options and many more? Come down to our Val Vista and Ray showroom to get your hands on all of our flooring products.