From Cottage to Transitional, If You’re Looking for Kitchen Cabinets, Read This First

From Cottage to Transitional, If You’re Looking for Kitchen Cabinets, Read This First

Have you recently considered a kitchen remodel? If you have, you’re not alone. Right around the end of the summer, when the holidays began to creep up on us and we realize the kitchen needs some work, is when Mesa residents start calling the professional kitchen remodelers at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet. One of the first questions that we seem to come across quite often is “What style of kitchen cabinet should I go with?”


While we can’t decide for you, we can provide some insight into the Mesa kitchen cabinet styles that are trending, and the ones that might pair well with the overall theme of your home. Many of these styles we have in our kitchen cabinet showroom located on Val Vista and Ray here in Gilbert, AZ.


Popular Cabinet Stylesblog_trendy cabinet styles

Old World: A style that pops up more and more on the pricier side of town is Old World, where intricate moldings, custom carved details and superbly engineered dark woods come together. Old World cabinet styles are sophisticated, meant for kid-free homes where romance and food go hand-in-hand.


Modern: A style that is often seen in new homes and included in many of the new home upgrades in Mesa is the modern cabinet style. Modern cabinets are streamlined, usually with unadorned doors and chrome hardware. They also often come in glass to add lighting improvements to the kitchen.


Romantic: This is another one of those cabinet styles that is for the homeowners who don’t have little ones running all over the kitchen. The romantic themed cabinets are crafted exquisitely with ornamental molding, European accents and a decidedly feminine feel. This is the cabinet style of the rich and famous, and if you’re going to go big you’ll want to include crystal chandeliers, over-the-top prints on window coverings, and intricate lighting.


Craftsman: Here at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, I must admit that the craftsman cabinet style is one of our favorites. It’s clean, a bit rustic, open, inviting, and when combined with the perfect wood flooring can be the most beautiful room in your Mesa home.


Tuscan: This is a big one in Mesa right now. Tuscan cabinets can be seen in traditional kitchen designs as well as southwestern themed kitchens. They are beautifully simple with sun-warmed tones. Add some splashes of copper with copper teakettles or copper backsplashes and create an entirely new feel.


While these are just a few of the popular cabinet styles that resonate with Mesa residents, if you happen to stop by our kitchen showroom on Val Vista and Ray we’d be happy to show you the many other styles and examples.