Is Your Gilbert Kitchen Ready For Football?

Is Your Gilbert Kitchen Ready For Football?

It’s that time of year, when the friends, family, neighbors and their kids end up at your house every Sunday for football.  It’s the greatest time of the year, and yet every single year your Gilbert kitchen seems to shrink as your family and friends grow. But don’t fret, because the kitchen professionals here at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinets on Val Vista and Ray can help!


Go Big in Small Spaces

Here in Gilbert, most new homes are built with expansive kitchen and cabinet space; plenty of room for you to host those football parties. With the open floor plan as the most popular new home trend, Gilbert kitchens are a gathering place for everyone; as you can easily stand in the kitchen and see the tv in the family room.blog_making more kitchen space


However, in homes with a little bit of age on them, kitchen space can be hard to come by. The closed-in layout makes for difficult your guests to smoothly maneuver between the kitchen and the tv room without missing any second of the game.


So, what can you do to make more space in a smaller kitchen? Let the pro’s at Capital Mark walk you through it.


Taking Down a Wall, or Two: If you have the money to go big with your Gilbert kitchen remodel, let’s talk about taking down a wall, or two!   Sometimes it only takes knocking out a wall, or even half of a wall, to give your kitchen so much more space and maneuverability.  After over a decade in kitchen cabinets, countertops and flooring, as well as complete kitchen remodels, trust me when I say that taking out even a small section of a misplaced wall can make or break the function of your Gilbert kitchen.


Fake Drawers: An area of the kitchen that has always bothered me is those ‘fake’ drawers just under the sink. Not all Gilbert homes have these drawers, but in older homes they are quite common. Thankfully, new homebuilders have caught onto how foolish these fake drawers are and have given them function. But if storage is an issue in your kitchen, let the cabinet experts add some function into your small kitchen by installing an opennable drawer with limited storage for sponges and sink needs.


Moving Appliances: Sometimes you need more than simply some additional space or the removal of a wall. What you need is a complete redesign of your kitchen, particularly where your appliances are positioned. The traditional and most popular way to position your appliances is in a triangle, where everything from the oven, fridge and sink are within the triangle, easily accessible without taking too many steps. However, this set up might not work for all kitchens, especially in older Gilbert homes. Have a design professional come into your home and evaluate the layout of your kitchen.


You can get more space out of your kitchen and change the layout to help the flow of guests. Your best bet is to call in the experts at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet.