You Could Go With The Other Kitchen Remodel Guys, But You Might Want To Read This First

You Could Go With The Other Kitchen Remodel Guys, But You Might Want To Read This First

At Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, we take great pride in being the best kitchen remodeling craftsmen in the valley. With dozens of raving reviews on Yahoo, Google and Yelp, our customers have been proud to share their exemplary stories for anyone and everyone to see.


But there are a few reasons why we consider ourselves one of the best kitchen and bathroom remodel companies in the valley:blog_only the best


1. One Day Countertop Install: While most granite countertop install companies claim a “quick turnaround” is 2 to 7 days, leaving your kitchen a complete disaster during the remodel process, at Capital Mark we can install your granite countertops in just one day. Our professionalism, and a bit of OCD, disallows us to leave your kitchen a disaster for a week, or two, while your new granite countertops are being fabricated. We do not rip apart your kitchen and leave it a mess – we can create your granite countertop template in such a way that allows us to remove the old countertop and lay the new granite countertop in just one day.


2. Custom Edges: The mark of a true kitchen and countertop craftsman is the ability to customize your countertops to the smallest detail. At Capital Mark, we can even customize the countertop edges to your precise needs. And trust me when I say that custom countertop edges are one of those little details that will add sophistication and beauty to your countertops.


3. What You See Is What You Get: Many Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert countertop companies will nickel and dime you to death. You’ll get one price in the beginning when the countertop company is looking to land a new customer, and another price when it’s time to do the work. That is NOT what you get right here at Capital Mark.


When we give you a quote, your price after the install will be within the amount we quoted you. Now, this does tend to rub some people the wrong way because our honest quote in the beginning is just that, an honest, upfront, exact quote as to how much the install will cost. I would rather you know first, bluntly and frankly, the price of your new countertop install. And whether you live in Mesa, Tempe or Gilbert, I prefer that you know the honest cost before any work is done, and you are charged that honest cost when all the work is completed.


We will not quote you a lower price simply to gain your signature for the project.


4. Credibility and Integrity:  While the other Mesa, Gilbert, and/or Tempe countertop installers will give you the greatest speech on integrity, they seldom have the testimonials, reviews, experience and credibility to back up their statements. Here at Capital Mark, we provide only the best work with only the highest quality materials in only the most professional manner. If you want it done right, look no farther than Capital Mark.