The Kitchen is the New Family Room, Make More Seating

Have you noticed how everyone and everything tends to revolve around the kitchen? From homework to meals, family meetings and extended family gatherings, the kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms in your Chandler home, if not the busiest. Kitchens in 2014 need to be designed with more then just function, but with durability, character and quality materials. Here at Capital Mark we specialize in not only the most beautiful kitchens you’ll find in all of Chandler, but the longest lasting.


Where the Family Gathers

Because the kitchen is where the family gathers, Chandler homeowners understand the importance of turning the kitchen into more of a social room. In order to do that, start thinking about what makes the other rooms in your home so comfortable. Sure, you probably don’t want to add a full couch to your kitchen, but you can create comfortable sitting and social spaces, including homework spaces, in your kitchen.


Islands: Adding an island to your Chandler kitchen can really add some great seating space where you can continue to have a functioning kitchen and your family and guests can have a great seating area:


kitchen island chandler


Eat In Kitchens: Another great way to increase the seating and social areas within your kitchen is to incorporate the eat-in-kitchen more efficiently:


eat in kitchen chandler eat in kitchen chandler

eat in kitchen chandler


Bar: No, we’re not talking about a keg in the kitchen, but we are talking about the atmosphere that a nice little kitchen bar sets:


eat in kitchen chandler


Indoors Out: If you’re lucky enough to live in a home where the kitchen sits against the backyard, and you’re feeling adventurous, consider opening up that wall between the kitchen and the backyard and adding a restaurant style seating arrangement:


eat in kitchen chandler


There are so many possibilities that will transform your kitchen into the social hub it was meant to be. Contact the professionals here at Capital Mark, or feel free to stop by our Gilbert showroom to see some examples for yourself.