Thinking of Installing Butcher Block Kitchen Cabinets? Read This First

Butcher blog kitchen countertops have been quite popular for quite some time now, and while they are still managing to stick around in Chandler kitchens, we wanted to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into before you decide this is the countertop material for you. The professional designers and kitchen countertop installers at Capital Mark have installed hundreds, if not thousands, of butcher block countertops over the years, and we’ve learned a few things.


Wood Countertop Pros

Wood countertops are extremely popular for many reasons, but the simple design, the elegance of natural wood and the mood it sets in your Chandler kitchen seem to be the greatest reasons. Wood countertops give the kitchen a natural warmth that is difficult to match in any other countertop material.chandler kitchen countertops


Wood grains match well with nearly all Chandler kitchen styles, including traditional, country, Old World, Mediterranean, contemporary, eclectic.


Wood countertops are also considered more ‘green’ then any other because these days they are most often made from reclaimed wood or salvaged wood.


Chandler homeowners love butcher block countertops because they are easy on knives, which is great for those DIY home chefs. Simply put, the edges on your cutlery will last much longer and you will no longer have to dig out that old cutting stone for whip up some quick meals.


Wood Countertop Cons

Butcher block countertops, if not sealed correctly by the other guys, can germs can easily hide and multiply. The wood can also suffer from water damage if not sealed correctly. Water can seep into the seams and cause a great amount of damage.


Over time, wood countertops may need refinishing. Just like any other piece of pure wood furniture in your home, wood countertops will begin to show some wear and tear. They will probably have to be resealed every 10 years, which isn’t too bad, but for those who would be looking to sell their Chandler home in ten years it could pose a pricey problem.


Since wood is softer then granite or tile, it will scratch and dent easier then other countertop materials. If you have children, I would suggest against butcher block countertops.


Overall, wood countertops can be a beautiful addition to your Chandler home. But, you truly need to do your homework to determine if this is the countertop material for you.