2015 Kitchen Projects

It’s nearly 2015, can you believe it? And with a new year comes new kitchen remodel ideas and trends. Here at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, it’s not only our job to stay on top of the newest and hottest kitchen trends, it’s also our job to utilize those trends that work for Gilbert homeowners, and those trends that should be best left in the big city.


Mix and Match

A trend that is big right now in 2014 and will continue to work through 2015 is the mix and match trend. Cabinets, countertops and accessories in your Gilbert kitchen don’t all have to match perfectly. With different colors, textures and materials, you can turn an outdated kitchen into a beautiful work of art.blog_2015 kitchen trends


The best part about mixing and matching your kitchen is that you can splurge in one area and save in another. For example, consider granite countertops mixed with a wood or butcher-block island.


Tin Backsplash

The backsplash is huge right now, and as it moves toward 2015 it will not only become more creative, it will become more affordable. With the new creative will come ideas like tin tile backsplashes that apply affordable materials to trendy kitchens.


Faucet Exchange

The faucet is always a focal point of the kitchen simply because of it’s placement; nearly always front and center. Because of that fact, Gilbert homeowners might consider splurging on that sink and faucet combination, bringing new colors, materials, even technologies into the kitchen.


Wall Space

As we’ve discussed many times, mostly when talking about smaller kitchens, utilizing wall space will continue to be a theme in 2015. From backsplashes to above the cabinetry, open wall space can be expertly used for storage.


Exposed Walls

Speaking of wall space, getting rid of the cabinets all together will be hot in 2015, and simply going with open shelving for plates, bowls and cups will create an open feeling. Creative designs using plumbing piping and pallet boards will be integrated into the trendy kitchen of 2015.



Just as concrete is big in 2014, it will see another big year in 2015, as concrete islands and small cooking areas will be all the rage. Seamlessly integrated with appliances, concrete countertops will be around for a while.



Let’s not forget about the importance of perfectly placed lighting. With properly installed custom lighting, your kitchen will go from outdated to the envy of everyone of your neighbors.


There are always trends changing within the kitchen design industry, and you can always turn to the professionals at Capital Mark to stay on top of it for you.