DIY Remodel – Update Those Old Cabinets

If you need to update the kitchen cabinets in your Gilbert, AZ home, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to do so. You have several options available if you have the skills and the time. If you need to refresh your kitchen cabinets, try out one of these low priced do-it-yourself options.blog_diy kitchen cabinet remodel

Wallpaper can update outdated cabinets

Wallpaper, or a combination of wallpaper and paint can be a fast and easy way to update outdated kitchen cabinets. If there is a recessed panel in your kitchen cabinets, you can add wallpaper in that section while painting the outside. Wallpaper can also be applied to the entire cabinet, but just keep in mind that some types of wallpaper won’t look as good as new paint for your kitchen cabinets.

Painting your kitchen cabinet is always an option

If you have painting skills, you can always paint the kitchen cabinets in your Gilbert, AZ home for a quick update. Painting can make them look professional and high quality with just a few tools that won’t set you back much: sandpaper, primer, paint cleaner, paintbrushes and paint.

Cleaning and preparing your kitchen cabinets for a new coat of paint is the most important step. Grime and fingerprints can build up over the years, and you need to spend the time to get that off prior to starting the job. Get most of the grime off using a good degreaser before sanding the cabinets to help the paint stick.

You will also need a sandable primer which helps you get a smooth coat for the final painting, and you may need to add two coats of primer. Also, use a painting rack to ensure that the surface is level (you can build one fairly easily), and be sure that you pick a high quality glossy finish to give the cabinets a professionally painted look.

Reface your cabinets instead of buying a new set

Refacing your kitchen cabinets updates their most visible part and really does make your Gilbert, AZ kitchen feel like new. You can pay a professional company much less money than it would cost for new kitchen cabinets to reface your cabinets, or you can do it yourself. Either way you can achieve the look of new kitchen cabinets without the high cost of completely new set. There are peel and stick veneer options for your current cabinets, or you can buy new doors from a local Gilbert cabinet company and install them yourself.

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