From Basic to Unique – Choosing the perfect countertop edge for your kitchen

When you remodel your kitchen, or even if you are building your home from the ground up, there are certain considerations that must be undertaken to ensure that you have a space that you find functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Your kitchen countertops are among those considerations, because once you’ve got them installed, it can be quite costly and a remodeling headache to change your mind. Whether you are thinking about having granite countertops installed or you want a different material for your space, you want to make sure that your choice equals the perfect material, style and countertop edge for your kitchen.blog_custom countertop edges


You have a number of choices when it comes to your granite countertop edge. You could opt to go simple with your choice of granite countertop edge design, characterized by the traditional straight edge look or even a quarter round look, which rounds off the top edge of the countertop just a bit. If you want something sophisticated and not overly ornate, but a little different, then a full bullnose is another good edging option, as it creates a full semi-circle for your countertop and corresponding edge design.


You also have the option to get a little fancier with your choice of granite countertop edge design. For example, you could install an ogee edge, which creates arch-like edges within the structure of your countertop design. It creates that added extra touch to your countertop design, making it look more contemporary but stylish at the same time. You could also do a dupont design, which is a straight edge countertop design that drops into a graceful curve, or a cove look, which is a concaved bevel look along the top edge of the countertop.  If you really want to go with something elegant that stands out along your countertop edge, then try a waterfall design. This incorporates three cascading arches along the edge of the countertops, making them look like works of art all on their own.


Before you make a choice one way or another, it’s best to base your decision on the look of the rest of your kitchen space. Your choice of countertop material and edge should match the feel of the rest of the kitchen, matching traditional décor with a more traditional countertop edge and an edgy contemporary design with a funkier edge choice.