How to Turn Your Gilbert Bathroom into an Antique Spa

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in your Gilbert, AZ home, you may want to try an antique spa theme. Many bathrooms have been remodeled to be similar to an antique spa for a relaxing effect. There are several other features you can add during your next bathroom remodel to make it more relaxing and similar to an antique spa. blog_spa like bathroom


Spa Shower Head

Spa-like showers are now being used in Gilbert homes instead of tubs, and you may consider removing your tub during your upcoming bathroom remodel. Tubs were popular in the 80s and 90s including whirlpool style tubs, but they have largely been replaced by large spa showers which are less wasteful with water than tubs and more modern.


Some more features you might want to add to your antique spa bathroom remodel including benches and rainfall shower heads. Most of the spa-like showers are large (if you have the space), and you may very well have the space if you remove a tub, and a rainfall shower head can add elegance to your shower without a huge price.


Free up as much space as you can during your bathroom remodel

The latest spa bathroom remodel designs in Gilbert feature wide open spaces. You might consider adding glass doors to your shower which adds more of an open feeling to the bathroom. If you have a large and outdated vanity you may want to consider installing a newer smaller vanity to free up more space.


Also, make sure that the window is easily accessible and not obstructed. If you can make room for a bench or other seating it is a nice feature to have, but don’t sacrifice space to do so. If your window is too small, consider installing a large window if you have the budget during your bathroom remodel.


Earth tones are popular for an antique spa-like bathroom remodel in Gilbert

When it comes to the color scheme for your antique spa bathroom remodel, earth tones are always a good choice. They fit will in modern bathrooms and they are neutral and conservative while fitting the antique spa theme. Use earth toned accents throughout in the bathroom, and think about including wooden furniture that is stained to match the color scheme of the bathroom.


Consider adding some chrome accents or other metal accents in your Gilbert bathroom during your bathroom remodel, as they blend nicely into many spa inspired bathrooms. Earth tones are also calming and soothing which helps the bathroom feel more like a relaxation spa.


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