The Best Types of Flooring for Your Bathroom

If you are in the process of remodeling your Mesa, AZ bathroom, it can be difficult to decide on what type of bathroom flooring you want. Once you make a decision for your bathroom flooring it can’t easily be changed without spending a lot of money, so you definitely want to spend some time on researching different flooring materials here at Capital Mark before making a final decision. If you pick the right bathroom flooring that matches the rest of your bathroom design, it can improve the value of your home and look great, and there are several great and affordable materials to choose from.


Ceramic tile is one of the traditional bathroom flooring options

You can’t go wrong with ceramic tile; it is one of the most popular bathroom flooring choices and there is a huge variety of different designs and textures available in Mesa, AZ. Ceramic tile is both hygienic and durable which makes it the perfect option for a bathroom floor. If you have outdated laminate, ceramic tile can be a major bathroom flooring upgrade, and the difference in quality will be noticeable right away. There are a few things to consider with ceramic tile – you need to check the porosity rating of the tiles which describes how absorbent the tiles are, and keep in mind that some types of ceramic tile are more durable than others.


Natural stone has become a popular bathroom flooring option in Mesa, AZ

Although it isn’t as traditional as ceramic tile, natural stone has started to spring up in new bathroom designs in Mesa, AZ, and it offers a unique natural look that few other bathroom flooring materials can match. Natural stone has the advantage of being very durable, but it can be very slippery when wet and may not be a good option for a home with small children. Some natural stone floors are polished and these floors can be very slippery, while others are textured with sandblasting and are less slippery.


Laminate flooring can save you money in Mesa, AZ and it still looks great

If you don’t have the high budget for natural stone or designer ceramic tiles, you can always go with high quality laminate bathroom flooring. Laminate bathroom flooring has one of the widest selection of different designs and colors since it is manmade, and you have the greatest freedom of creativity with this bathroom flooring option. Modern laminate bathroom floors look great, and if you use a laminate wood texture it is very hard to tell the difference.

It can be difficult to narrow down the choices, but when you are making your final decision try to pick a material that won’t just look good but will also be functional for your home. Stop by our showroom on Val Vista and Ray here in Gilbert for more information and samples.