Why Choose Granite?

Why Choose Granite?

Granite countertops were once only available for the rich and famous. Today, granite is Gilbert’s number one choice for a kitchen remodel or new home purchase. But why is granite so popular? Why is it more popular than all other countertop choices combined? Let’s break it down.

blog_granite countertopsWhat is Granite?

Granite countertops are usually a combination of quartz, mica and feldspar. It’s a unique, incredibly durable, coarse-grained rock. In a natural setting, granite occurs quite frequently, which is why it is used to often in construction.

Why is Granite so Durable?

Granite is resistant to heat and temperature changes. Setting a hot plate or cold ice on a granite countertop will not crack or damage the stone, unlike many other countertop materials that are highly susceptible to heat. Granite is also durable when it comes to cutting on its surfaces…in most cases your knives will become damaged before your countertop. If a granite countertop is sealed properly, there’s not much that you can do to damage it.

Why is Granite so Colorful?

Besides durability, granite comes in a variety of completely unique color patterns. Since each slab of granite is unique, there is almost no chance of ever seeing your exact color pattern in another setting or home. The combination of natural materials within granite gives it that amazing effect of constant shine and sparkle.

How Easy are Granite Countertops to Clean?

Compared to other countertops, granite is the easiest to clean. Simply grab a soft cloth with mild soap and wipe away the dirt. There’s no need to buy expensive cleaning products or specific cloths for wiping. With just some water and soap your granite will look immaculate, and if sealed properly the granite will continue to look immaculate for years to come.

Where Can I See Granite Countertops?

Come down to our Gilbert granite and cabinet showroom on Ray and Val Vista to get a first-hand look at some custom granite work. You can always check out our online Portfolio as well by following this link: Granite Countertop Gallery