Holiday Decor and Design Tips from the Pro’s

It’s always a good idea to change up the design of your Gilbert, AZ kitchen for the holidays, and it is a lot easier than you may think. In this article we will dicuss some of the top recommendations from design professionals to make your kitchen look great while still being functional for the holiday season.


Add more greenery

blog_christmas kitchenOne design tip that many professional kitchen designers recommend is to add more greenery to your kitchen during the holiday season. This can be in the form of evergreen needles placed around doorways, or by adding potted plants or flowers. There are plenty of different types of greenery that may work in your kitchen, and if you want to stay on the safe side simply include some potted herbs to your kitchen which are both a functional and attractive design addition.


Use what you have

You don’t have to necessarily splurge on decor during the holidays; you should maximize the decor that you already have. You can use your holiday dishes for meals regardless of their design, and you can use less expensive decor additions like braches of holly or ribbons to add to their design. If you have any unique family heirlooms the holidays are the perfect time to display them. Family photos are another great decor idea for the holidays which display perfectly next to heirlooms.


Keep your kitchen open

No matter what, you generally almost always want to avoid clutter during the holidays, and you should try to keep your kitchen as open as possible. Keep in mind that you will have extra clutter from the guests and extra food prep appliacnes and item’s that you’ll be using during the holiday season. Try to use areas of your kitchen and Gilbert, AZ home that won’t be used for functional space to place your decor items like greenery or photos.


Freshen up the paint in your Gilbert, AZ home for the holidays

Also, if you haven’t changed your kitchen paint in a while you might consider refreshing it for the holidays. Regadless of what color you pick, you should consider using semi-gloss paint for your kitchen because it is easier to wipe down without causing damage to the paint coat. Warm, rustic colors such as shades of beige and yellow work well for the holiday season, but you can personalize this to a great extent because the holidays are more about you and your family like than what’s fashionable.