Ultra-Luxury Bathroom Design Trends

With an unlimited budget for a new Gilbert, AZ bathroom installation, you could come up with a bathroom design that would rival the best of the best, and there are several new luxury bathroom design trends that you can draw inspiration from. Some of the ideas for a luxury bathroom design include the spa inspired bathroom, bathrooms that feature dazzling high quality materials, French and Japanese inspired themes, and even small minimalistic bathroom designs that still have luxury amenities but emphasize space.blog_luxury bathroom design

Neutral colors are still found in luxury bathrooms in Gilbert, AZ

Neutral colors remain popular for luxury bathrooms in 2014, and shades of black, grey and white are often found in high end bathrooms because they are soothing and work well. Neutral shades for granite or marble countertops are often used because these are the more permanent parts of a luxury bathroom, while other elements of the décor can be manipulated. Luxury homes will often change the theme of their bathroom on a regular basis, and a neutral backdrop allows a luxury homeowner this freedom.

Japanese or European influences can be used to develop a uniquely themed bathroom in Gilbert

A uniquely themed luxury bathroom design in Gilbert, AZ might feature Japanese or European influences. Waterfall styled faucets are a Japanese inspired design trend, as well as the use of bamboo which isn’t an expensive building material but is usually combined with granite or marble for a unique design. The European inspired luxury bathroom design in Gilbert may feature more of a French spa-like atmosphere, or you might go for a more traditional European bathroom design that features designed tiles, granite countertops and the use of natural stone throughout the bathroom design.

Spa themes are commonly found in luxury homes

The spa theme is one of the most popular luxury bathroom designs, and the idea with these bathrooms is to recreate the feeling of being at the local spa without having to travel there. These bathrooms are usually equipped with a large shower and a Jacuzzi, as well as some type of seating such as benches and glass frames. The lighting for a spa themed bathroom can be quite extensive compared to a normal bathroom, and these bathrooms are also usually much larger than a standard bathroom to accommodate the larger showers and seating.