5 Steps to Replacing a Laminate Countertop

Replacing a laminate countertop can be tricky, which is why we leave it to the experts, but if you’re looking into ways to improve your kitchen on a budget below are the five basic steps to replacing laminate kitchen countertops.


Step #1 – Remove fixtures and sinkblog_replacing laminate countertops

The first step to replacing your Gilbert home’s laminate kitchen countertops is to remove the sink and other fixtures that are attached to it. You should use kraft paper to trace where the holes are made for your fixtures such as your sink if you are going to use the same sink. Also remove your cabinet drawers. You will need to shut off the sink water supply before removing it.


Step #2 – Loosen the mounting brackets

The next step is to remove the old kitchen countertops by cutting away at the caulk with a utility knife and by removing the screws from the mounting brackets on your cabinets. Some countertops don’t have caulk so you may not need a utility knife.You may need to refer to your cabinet installation guide to find the mounting brackets’ location.


Step #3 – Remove the old kitchen countertops

Once the mounting brackets are loosened you should be able to remove your old kitchen countertops piece by piece. You may want to get assistance with the very large portions if they are heavy.


Step #4 – Fit the new kitchen countertops

The next step is to install your new laminate kitchen countertops. Your countertop fabricator should have already measured your kitchen countertops to ensure that they are perfectly matched to your kitchen. The difficult sections to install should be pre-assembled as well, and all the pieces should have been test fit. Check to ensure that your cabinets are level, and put the new countertops in place. Check that they are level from end to end and use wood shims if necessary.


Step #5 – Screw the kitchen countertops in place and replace fixtures

The final step is to screw the new laminate kitchen countertops in place and to replace your kitchen’s fixtures. You can replace the screws for the mounting brackets and if you need to drill pilot holes for them, be careful not to drill through the countertop. Use the kraft paper to trace the sink hole in the countertop if necessary and then cut it out with a jigsaw. Reconnect your sink and install the water lines and apply caulk to the backsplash where the counter hits the wall.