Affordable DIY Hacks to Create a Beautiful Rustic Themed Kitchen

Rustic home décor brings a unique country feeling and atmosphere to your Gilbert, Arizona home, and thankfully you don’t have to spend a huge budget on a kitchen remodel to create a rustic theme. Most of the décor for a rustic themed kitchen can be made by yourself or purchased for a relatively low amount, and it can be very fun to come up with your own original kitchen remodel design using common items and a few do-it-yourself projects.


Flowers in mason jars can add a lot to your kitchen remodelrustic kitchen

Mason jars are one of the most inexpensive but amazingly flexible do it yourself kitchen décor items. Adding flowers into arranged mason jars can always give any kitchen remodel a nice rustic touch. Three or four mason jars can be easily mounted on a piece of reclaimed wood as a small DIY project, and the jars can be used as utensil holders, flower holders, or to grow cooking herbs. They can also look great on countertops with covers and filled with spices, dried flowers, or used as containers for candy, chocolate and nuts.


Use reclaimed wood and old wooden furniture in your kitchen remodel

Adding reclaimed wood or old wooden furniture into your Gilbert, AZ home’s kitchen remodel is an easy way to give it more rustic flair, and you can usually find this type of furniture at auctions or garage sales. You don’t even need to do much polishing or sanding if you find a nice used console table because natural wear and tear on wood furniture is actually a desirable look for a rustic kitchen remodel.



Use creates and pallets or other wood items to create furniture

If you can’t find old wooden furniture, another idea is to use creates and pallets to create your own furniture. It’s fairly simple to convert a crate or pallet or even used shutters into a utensil or spice rack, or additional shelving, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time finishing the wood because the natural look is always the idea with a rustic kitchen remodel.



There are many other do it yourself décor ideas that you can incorporate into your Gilbert, AZ rustic kitchen remodel such as mason jar chandeliers, salvaged kitchen chairs and tables, and more. The only limit is your imagination, so try to use as many do it yourself décor items as you can to make the kitchen remodel truly your own.