Five of the Top Rustic Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

If you are considering a kitchen remodel for your Gilbert, AZ home, you should know that rustic themed kitchens are in for 2015 and are a great option if you find a rustic kitchen atmosphere appealing. Below are five of the best rustic design trends that may inspire you for an upcoming kitchen remodel.


Rustic kitchen remodel design trend #1 – Consider adding rustic kitchen cabinets

Rustic kitchens are designed to create more of a “country” or “at home” feeling, and adding the right type of kitchen cabinets can greatly add to that feeling if you have the budget. In the vast majority of cases you will want to use wood for a rustic themed kitchen remodel as much as possible, and wooden cabinets are definitely the way to go. Pine is a good choice for a rustic kitchen remodel because it shows the knots in the wood which is one defining feature of a rustic styled kitchen.


Rustic kitchen remodel design trend #2 – Use rustic hardware in your kitchen

Rustic styled hardware is available at many local hardware stores in Gilbert, AZ and it can definitely add more of the country feeling to your kitchen. Try to find “antique” styled door knobs and cabinet pulls and handles at your hardware store; there are usually many different types available because of the popularity of the rustic themed kitchen remodel.


Rustic kitchen remodel design trend #3 – Use mason jars

Mason jars will fit well into any Gilbert, Arizona’s rustic themed kitchen, and there are a ton of uses for them. You can use them to display flowers, to hold cooking utensils, as herb or potpourri holders, for spices, sugar, flour, dried foods, legumes, and the list goes on.


Rustic kitchen remodel design trend #4 – Old fashioned and not fancy

Rustic furniture definitely doesn’t have to be purchased new for your Gilbert, AZ kitchen. Try to look around town for junk wood furniture or reclaimed furniture; any old wood furniture can fairly easily be fixed up for use a rustic themed kitchen, and it is well worth the effort.


Rustic kitchen remodel design trend #5 – Wood always works in a rustic theme

If you aren’t sure where to start with your kitchen design, first try to incorporate as many wooden décor items as you can in your kitchen, and always pick woods like pine and other types that show the grain and knots. The more manmade items you have in a rustic kitchen the less natural it will look, so keep it simple and stick with wooden décor and furniture.