How to Choose Countertops for your Kitchen

Picking new countertops for the kitchen in your Chandler, AZ home can be one of the more challenging design decisions that you can make. It is worth the time to research all of the available options and find the one that matches your needs the best. A wide range of different countertop materials are available including luxury granite, wood, concrete, quartz or more affordable laminate, and each of these materials can be customized to a large extent. The final decision on the type of countertops that you purchase should be based on your requirements for durability, design, and cost.BLOG_choosing countertops


Laminate countertops are affordable but have a few downsides

Modern laminate countertops are usually your most affordable option, but they have a few design quirks that may or may not be suitable for you. The seams in laminate countertops are usually clearly visible, so if this isn’t to your liking you may want to go with natural stone or quartz. The plus side is that laminate is available in thousands of different colors and designs, so there are several options for customization and you may find a particular pattern that you like. One thing to consider is that they are not very heat resistant, so if this is a big downside for you, then you may want to go with natural stone or quartz.


Granite countertops are pricier but worth the cost

Although granite countertops will cost you, they are a great option for your Chandler, AZ home and will improve the value of your kitchen. They are fabricated and crafted from natural stone, and they are also very heat resistant if that is important to you. They are also a more hygienic surface than other types of countertop materials and are resistant to stains as long as they are sealed properly. They do need to be sealed on a yearly basis, but this is a minimal maintenance requirement. If you have the budget and want a high quality durable material for your countertops, you can’t go wrong with granite.


Concrete and wood are two increasingly popular options

Wood and concrete countertops have become more popular in Chandler, AZ homes. The natural look of wood can make a kitchen look great, but these countertops can be scratched quite easily. They have to also be oiled on a regular basis to protect them from water damage. Concrete can be customized to a great extent in a way that is similar to engineered quartz, but this material is sensitive to changes in temperature and must be sealed as well as waxed on a regular basis, usually every three to four months.