Popular Cabinet Colors and Trends for 2015

There are several new cabinet design trends for 2015 that you might want to consider if you are planning a kitchen remodel. Cabinets produced from eco-friendly materials are a popular trend in Chandler, AZ and many other parts of the country, along with energy efficient kitchen appliances and eco-friendly flooring and furniture. Overall kitchen design trends are moving toward roomier and more open kitchens, so storage spaces have started to decrease in size and have been redesigned to be more efficient.


Dark cabinets are a color trend for 2015blog_2015 trends

Dark finishes have become a popular trend for 2015, and one recent study found that a majority of kitchen redesigns featured darker cabinets. Dark finishes fit well with a wide range of different color schemes including both neutral and vibrant colors. One popular kitchen trend is to use black as the dominant tone in the kitchen, and black lacquer cabinet finishes have increased in popularity as a result of this trend. For those who want more vibrancy and color in their kitchens, attention grabbing “tribal” cabinet colors such as dark reds, royal blue, and bold yellow with gloss and matte finishes are also expected to be popular in the next year.


Open shelving is becoming more popular

Open shelving is taking the place of some wall cabinets for 2015 because it allows for a greater versatility in kitchen designs and fits into the open kitchen design trend. A combination of wall cabinets and shelving is starting to be seen in many Chandler, AZ homes, and it allows the kitchen to be customized to a larger extent with display items. Open shelving can be quite functional, and at least a few wall cabinets are kept in most kitchen designs for the greater storage space and to hide utensils that won’t look good on display.


Some kitchens feature fewer wall cabinets

Base cabinets are being expanded with new storage options such as shelves and organizers to make them more efficient with their space, while some kitchens have started to remove wall cabinets to create more of an open space in the kitchen. The ability to do this will vary from one kitchen to another; some kitchens in Chandler, AZ homes depend on their wall cabinet storage so this may not be an option. Typically, wall cabinets can be reduced for kitchens that are already relatively large in size or kitchens that have several windows, and their storage can sometimes be replaced by adding new base cabinets or by adding a kitchen island.