Bringing the Outdoors In – Natural Kitchen Materials

Modern kitchen upgrades in Chandler, AZ often incorporate natural materials, and these materials often prove to be more aesthetically pleasing and durable than synthetic materials. Some examples of natural kitchen materials include natural wood for cabinets and tables or natural stones such as slate or granite for countertops. In 2015, natural stone is expected to continue to be a popular choice for kitchen countertops for several reasons including their durability, while natural wood tables and cabinets may also be a more popular choice in kitchens throughout the country for their durability and sustainability.

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Natural stone has many benefits

Kitchen redesigns in Chandler, AZ and other parts of the country often use natural stone for countertops because of the material’s durability. Natural stone like granite is often costly, but it can last much longer than other countertop materials. Granite countertops are more affordable than they have ever been and were once only found in luxury homes but are now found in many regular homes. Even though it is a natural material it is still available in a wide range of different colors, and a good fabricator can create countertops that have very few seams and that look quite impressive.


Wood is making a comeback for countertops

Wood is being used for countertops more regularly, and a common misconception is that wood countertops gather bacteria more easily than other materials. Wood countertops actually do not gather bacteria, and a study in 1993 at the University of Wisconsin found that wood cutting boards are safer to use than plastic cutting boards. Many wood natural countertops are available with a natural oil finish that can really bring out the natural beauty of the wood and make it look great in any kitchen regardless of the design theme. One drawback is that wood kitchen countertops need to be maintained with oiling ever 4 to 6 weeks if they are not sealed.


Wood flooring is a popular option for 2015

Pine wood flooring is becoming more popular in kitchens for its natural look and durability. Wood flooring may not seem like a great idea in a kitchen because of the potential for water damage, but it is actually fairly easy to maintain and it gives a kitchen warmth and natural beauty. Wood isn’t that comfortable for standing during long periods of time, so a good idea is to put a rug down or a mat when cooking, and a mat can also help to catch any stray water.