Kitchen Countertop Edges, Get Creative

The edge profile of your countertops can make a major difference in their appearance and appeal. Both granite and marble countertops look amazing on their own, but with customized edge profiles they can be taken to a whole new level and improve the look of your Gilbert, AZ kitchen. There are several options available for edge profiles for your countertops, and the more elaborate and detailed that they are, the more that they will cost you. Granite and marble certainly aren’t the only type of countertops that can have custom edges, other options include glass, concrete, wood and many other materials.

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Chiseled edges look great on stone countertops

One popular but expensive type of edge profile in Gilbert, AZ is the chiseled edge. This design gives the edge a bit of a chipped or jagged look (without being sharp). This edge profile is created by chipping the edge of the stone and then smoothing the sharp edges down. A coating is applied to the edges to help the color of the material stand out. These edges are a great option for materials like granite or concrete countertops that are designed to look like stone. Keep in mind that there will often be a higher cost for this edge profile because there is much more work required, but the end result can look amazing on your countertops.


Simple edge profiles aren’t as expensive

A simpler edge profile can still look great such as a rounded edge on the top or bottom, a bevel edge, or a roman edge. Roman edges are a barely noticeable arch that can make stone countertops look a lot thicker, while an eased edge is pretty much straight up and down. Eased edges are one of the most popular edge profiles for countertops in Gilbert, AZ homes. Beveled edges feature an angular slant and have become a popular modern choice. There are many more complicated edge profiles available such as the traditional ogee edge profile, Roman elite and elite edge profiles. The elite edge has three steps and looks great on kitchen islands. These profiles take a bit more work to create but can look quite amazing on a wide range of different materials.