The Beauty of Simplistic Cabinet Designs and Perfect Lines

Complicated isn’t always better, and if the kitchen in your Gilbert, AZ home needs new cabinets you may want to stick to a simple design which can work nicely with the other elements in your kitchen. Modern cabinets are become simpler in their design, but that doesn’t meant that they aren’t equipped with every feature that you would expect them to have. Cabinets with a basic design can be equipped with modern features like LED lights, sliding doors, extra storage space and more, and below are some of the most popular cabinet trends that feature simple designs.

Simplicity is beautiful

Kitchens are shifting toward a cleaner and simpler look 

About 10 years ago, cabinets with elaborated carved details were popular, but in recent years kitchen designs have shifted toward a minimalistic and sleek look. Contemporary cabinet designs have less detail than before but symmetry is one of their main design appeals. Flush hardware with simple door styles and clean perfect lines has become a popular theme in Gilbert, AZ homes, and this cabinet style can add a great deal of beauty and modern appeal to any kitchen.


Alternating finishes and door styles are common

It also used to be that kitchens in Gilbert, AZ homes would have matching upper and lower cabinets, but this is no longer the case. Now, many kitchen designs use a different paint color for the upper set and perhaps a stained finish for the lower set or vice versa. This gives an element of uniqueness and diversity to what might otherwise be a simple cabinet design. Also, door styles are often changed between the upper and lower cabinets or kitchen island. For instance some cabinets may have frames while others may be frameless, and this ends up being another design element that can give some uniqueness to each section of the kitchen.


New cabinets with simple designs can have state of the art features

New cabinets with a basic design can be equipped with state of the art features such as under cabinet LED lighting that can add a dynamic visual appeal to a kitchen. Cabinets with glass doors can have LED lights installed inside of them as well to help display their contents, and lower cabinets sometimes have LED lights added underneath as well although the upper set is usually where the lights fit the best. Other modern features can include doors that can slide along a track or that can lift up, as well as remote controlled locks.